Celeste's Animal Exploration

CelesteHi! My name is Celeste. I'm a seventh grader who wants to grow up to work in the field of animal conservation. I have loved animals of all kinds ever since I can remember, and I have quite a few pets of my own: 2 dogs, 6 cats, a hermit crab, a goldfish, 2 danios and 1 snails, and a domesticated ferret.

I have been to many zoos around the United States (from Washington, D.C.'s National Zoo to the Honolulu Zoo in Honolulu, Hawai'i) and visit my local zoo often. My first favorite animal was the elephant, but by the time I was about 3, I had become fascinated with snow leopards (Uncia uncia), the only big cat that doesn't roar and who resides in Asia, primarily in and around the Himalayas. That's where I hope to work one day.

Because I love animals so much and am really worried about their future, I have decided to do something about it now. My goal is to educate people about many endangered species in the hopes that you will be inspired to help these animals have a future. The more of us who work together toward a common goal, the better our chance of success.

About the project

"Celeste's Animal Exploration" explores a series of different animals, primarily ones that are endangered. Join me for a brief recorded video about the animal, and read some facts I'll collect about each one. I'll let you know where it lives, some scientific information about it, and provide some links to more information and maybe how you can help. When possible, I'll report from my local zoo with our special animal friend in the background. We're in our third year now, and while school and homework keep me from doing as many videos as I like, over time, there should be a good set of resources here for anyone to use.

This site was built and is maintained by my mom. She also provided all the background and regular images for the site. Thanks Mom!